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DR. OZ'S DIET AND HEALTH ADVICE ON HIS TV SHOW COULD HARM YOUR HEALTH! We expose Dr. Oz's compromised conflicts of interest and dangerous support of GMOs, vaccines and scam diet products!

Dr. Mehmet Oz, talk show host and Vice-Chair and Professor of Surgery at Columbia University, is perhaps one of the most well-known doctors in the U.S.



June 17th, 2014

Dr Oz is one of the world's most beloved doctors, but he is now
coming under fire from Congress for pushing diet scams! He claims he is a victim, but the evidence shows Dr. Oz has pushed phony, scam diet products for years. It's clear he's profited greatly from these scams.


June 27th, 2013

A whistleblower has come forward and contacted us with a story that exposes how Dr. Oz's TV show is being staged. 

The woman, who will remain unnamed at this time, claims she responded to an online ad regarding women who had lost weight and were then able to become pregnant. She was contacted by one of Dr. Oz's staff members. She was asked about her weight loss, and specifically stated to this staff member that she had lost weight due to gastric bypass surgery. The staff member said she would be welcome to be a guest audience member. She was then told she must say she lost her weight because she followed one of Dr. Oz's diets, his ketone diet, not because of the gastric bypass surgery. (Our source later chose not to attend the TV show taping). She stated to us, "I thought to myself, 'What a scam this show is.'"

This story indicates that The Dr. Oz show is willing to fabricate guest testimony to sell a product (Dr. Oz's name, brand and "advice"). What else are they lying about?



Dr. Memet Oz is television's most popular doctor. His syndicated daytime TV show titled "The Dr Oz Show" has received the highest ratings for a health-based show in the past ten years. His affable style, focus on healthy living and content-focused shows attract millions of viewers weekly.

However, there is a side to Dr. Oz and the advice he dispenses that has not been exposed until now. The acclaimed watchdog group Web Fraud Squad has uncovered a number of disturbing facts about Dr. Oz's show and his personal beliefs that call into question the legitimacy of the advice he dispenses on his show.

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Web Fraud Sqaud's investigative team and their private investigators, have obtained startling evidence that Dr. Oz is staging and faking certain portions of his show in a cynical bid for ratings. In addiction. Dr. Oz owns stock in a number of companies implicated in the continuing declining health of the average American, including the oft-criticizing Monsanto corporation. Dr. Oz has now fully endorsed GMO and non-organic foods, suggesting his monetary affiliations may be compromising his objectivity.

Many of Dr. Oz's positions support GMOs, certain vaccines manufactured by pharmaceutical companies and the desire of many to farm and produce organic food. Some of his diet and detox positions are not only unsupported by science, they may be dangerous to your health, including his support of garcinia cambogia.

While some of Dr. Oz's positions have changed over time, his most recent public statement regarding these issues leaves no doubt as to where he stands! His December, 2012 op ed piece in Time Magazine reveals his dangerous, anti-freedom stand on food and health. We are simply reporting his own words to you, so you may decide whether he is a trusted source for health news and advice.

Please read further for more information...

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DR OZ's TIME Article Reveals His Real Positions

In the December 3rd, 2012 edition of TIME Magazine, Dr. Oz penned an editorial extolling the virtues of GMOs, or genetically modified ingredients, in addition to revealing his true stand on organic food and other health issues.

What are Dr. Oz's positions on GMOs?

- Dr. Oz supports GMOs and Monsanto.

- Dr. Oz uses the Hegelian Dialectic to frame GMOs as the "peoples" food, or food for the "99%" [1]

What are Dr. Oz's positions on vaccines?

- Dr. Oz says he gives himself the flu vaccine, but won't let his wife or four children get it (but he wants you to get it). [2]

Dr. Oz's stand on the swine flu vaccine is the same.

What are Dr. Oz's positions on organic food vs. conventional food?

- Dr. Oz also uses the Hegelian Dialectic to frame the organic vs. conventional food issue as a "democratic" problem between the "haves" and "have nots". 

- Dr. Oz suggests organic food is for the "1%" of the population, and conventional food is for the "99%" of the population.

- Dr. Oz suggests supporting organic food is "undemocratic".

- Dr. Oz literally believes "a brick of [conventional food] in your freezer" offers the same health benefits as a farmer's market of fresh food.

- Dr. Oz suggests conventional meat raised in feed lots, and fed GMO corn, are of equal nutritional value as grass fed organic beef. This is not true. [3]

What companies does Dr. Oz own stock in?

Dr. Oz shares a financial stake in promoting destructive, cancer-causing food in his diet plans and in promoting vaccines on his TV show. From our research we have determined Dr. Oz owns stock in the following companies, directly involved in the production and promotion of GMOs and vaccines that are literally killing people: [4] [5]

Australian drug maker CSL


Sign our petition to tell Dr. Oz to STOP supporting GMOs and unsafe vaccines!

Has Dr. Oz's Bad Advice Led To Your Medical Condition?

Dr. Oz dispenses medical advice, diet advice and detox advice on his television show everyday to millions of people. He does so without any oversight from the FDA or American Medical Association. While much of his show focuses on reasonable and healthy alternatives, some of his advice has been used to promote dangerous vaccines, toxic GMOs and toxic conventionally-grown foods.

If you believe you have been personally affected by taking Dr. Oz's compromised and conflict-of-interest-tainted diet advice, please send us your comments. Your privacy will be protected. We will notify you of any further legal action we will be taking on behalf of those who have been negatively impacted by Dr. Oz's irresponsible TV show.

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